Personal Needs Assessment


To ensure we provide our residents with the right amount of care, we conduct a Personal Needs Assessment.

This enables us to identify and provide those additional services that are needed or desired, thus ensuring the resident is not charged for services you do not need.

Each resident will have a Personal Needs Assessment before moving in, again at 30 days and quarterly thereafter at minimum. Additional assessments may be made after an acute episode such as hospitalization, serious illness or injury.

Assessment factors taken into consideration are mobility, cognitive skills, continence and other activities of daily living.

Following each assessment, our staff will meet with the resident and their family or representative to discuss the assessment, any rate increase and to develop an individualized service plan.

When More Care is Required

Residents requiring assistance greater than can be provided by our staff may engage supplemental support services through home health care agencies or hospice services.

These services can be coordinated by our staff for continuity of care and service. Should your needs require a higher lever of skilled nursing care, our staff will assist you in locating a suitable facility.