Dear Donna,

My mom is moving to an assisted living community in a few weeks, and she is having anxiety surrounding the move. She has lived in her home for over 40 years, and it is challenging for her to accept that she will be leaving. She knows the move is best for her safety, but the memories she has in her home are making it difficult for her to let go.

How can I make it easier for her to part with the place she has called home for most of her life?


Jasmine from Holland, MI

Making It Easier to Part with a Senior’s Home

Dear Jasmine,

Moving can be tough at any age. It can be more challenging for seniors who have lived in their house for a long time. They have years of memories in their home, including raising their children and spending holidays with friends and family. These recollections create an emotional attachment to their home and can prevent them from wanting to leave.

Here are a few ways to make it easier for a senior loved one to part with a home.

Making It Easier for Seniors to Part with Their Home

  1. Dig up perennials to plant in their new garden

Some seniors may find it easier to part with their home if they can take a piece of the home with them. Taking perennials from their old yard to plant in their new garden can be an excellent option. Before your loved one moves, help them dig up a few of their favorite plants and plant them in their new garden. Not only is gardening great for senior health, but every time your loved one sees their perennials, they will remember where they used to live.

  1. Make a video of parties that happened at the home

Another way you can make it easier for your loved one to move is by creating a video of parties and special events that took place in their house. If you don’t have much video footage, you can create a slideshow of photos instead. Your loved one will love watching their video and reminiscing whenever they miss their home.

  1. Have a going away party

Having a going away party is another way you can help your senior loved one part with their home. Invite all their friends and family over the night before they leave. This is a fun way to help seniors find closure and prepare for the new chapter in their life.

Remember to Be Understanding

The best way you can help your loved one part with their home is to be there for them when they need you. Change can be difficult for anyone. Understand that your loved one is going through a transition. Sometimes, the only thing they need from you is a listening ear.

I hope these tips make it easier for your loved one to part with their home. Good luck!



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