When people think about gifts, they often think of tangible items and forget about gifts that are experienced. But these types of gifts can be great for seniors for various reasons.

Experience gifts are often more thoughtful, they take up less space, and they usually create longer lasting memories. Here are 5 experience gifts to give a senior this holiday season.


5 Experience Gifts for Seniors


  1.  Yoga Classes

Not only is yoga fun, but regular yoga practice provides many health benefits. Yoga has been shown to decrease hypertension, strengthen bones, and maintain a healthy weight.

The three basic elements of yoga—meditation, breathing, and posture—can help manage blood pressure by decreasing nervous system activity. Allow your loved one to experience the positive effects of yoga by getting them yoga classes this holiday season.

  1. A Luxury Massage

A luxury massage can be a particularly great gift for an older adult. Seniors are at a greater risk for developing many health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and high blood pressure. Massage therapy has been shown to improve the side effects that often come with these conditions.

Seniors are also more prone to problems with posture. It can increase their risk of falling. Massage can improve postural stability and balance, therefore reducing fall risk.

Equally important, a massage is relaxing. A luxury massage can give seniors a chance to unwind and be pampered.

  1. A Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation for your loved one can be a great gift. It will give your family time to bond and create new memories.

Be sure to plan a trip the entire family can enjoy. Your loved one will appreciate all of the memories they will make during the vacation.

  1. Painting Classes

Painting classes are another great gift. In general, art has many benefits for seniors and their overall well-being. It has been shown to reduce many of the symptoms associated with chronic disease, including anxiety and depression.

Art can also provide an opportunity to socialize and foster a stronger sense of identity. Both are important to a senior’s overall health. Purchasing painting classes for your loved one can allow them to reap many of these benefits in addition to having fun.

  1. Flower Arranging Classes

Flower arranging classes can be a great gift for seniors. Similar to painting classes, flower arranging fosters creativity and provides an opportunity for seniors to socialize.

Flower arranging can also be a great option for seniors who love to garden. Giving your loved one flower arranging classes will allow them to explore their passion for plants in a new way.

We hope these ideas help you come up with some fun experience gifts for your senior loved one!