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Linden Square Assisted Living


Our Mission: Linden Square’s mission is to provide support for the senior adults in our care in a setting that feels like home, that is not unduly restrictive and provides for the self-sufficiency, dignity, and personal growth of residents.

Personal Care

To provide excellence in care to our residents, Linden Square staff members are on duty at all times to meet residents’ needs. Our basic service offerings, covered in our basic monthly fee, include:

Meals & Snacks

Linden Square has three scheduled meals per day, with snacks (ice cream, baked goods, fruits, hot and cold beverages) available at any time. Hot breakfast is served 7 a.m.–9 a.m., with cold breakfast after 9 a.m.; Dinner is served at noon; and supper is served 5 p.m.–6 p.m.

Our home-cooked, nutritious, tasty meals are served in our dining room, which provides an enjoyable community social experience. Residents may choose to dine in their quarters instead (fee applies). Guests are welcome for meals at Linden Square (fee applies).

Medication Assistance

For residents taking medication, our staff can provide assistance with the process by opening difficult medication containers, giving reminders to take the medication, or by distributing the medication, all supervised by a professional nurse on staff.

Wellness Checks & Mail Service

When we bring residents their mail and newspapers, we make sure to check in to see how they’re faring.


Members of our maintenance staff perform necessary maintenance activities such as hanging picture frames, touching up paint, fixing leaky faucets, and changing light bulbs, in addition to handling issues of a more serious or urgent nature to ensure the upkeep of our facility.


Let us do the chores! Our housekeepers make beds (daily), change towels in bath (twice weekly), and wash residents’ laundry, change bed sheets, and carefully dust and vacuum (weekly), with care and consideration for personal and delicate items.

As Needed Care

Upon entering Linden Square, residents undergo a Personal Needs Assessment, which, based upon factors such as cognitive ability, daily living activities, mobility, and continence, allows us to determine supplementary services which residents may require. These additional services include:

  • Dressing/grooming/personal care assistance
  • Bathing assistance (in shower or hydrotherapy tub)
  • Assistance getting to and from events, activities, and meals
  • Assistance getting into or out of bed
  • Medical testing assistance

To ensure that residents receive the support that they need, additional assessments are conducted one month after moving into Linden Square and once per quarter.

Wellness Programs

At Linden Square, we seek to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to this end, provide the following to facilitate healthy living for our residents.

  • Regular checks for blood pressure, prescription eyeglasses, and hearing aids
  • Podiatrist-provided foot care
  • Licensed nurses with access to vital medical information on staff
  • Opportunities for social interaction
  • Strength-building and fall prevention exercise programs, run by occupational therapy and physical therapy professionals
  • Health and wellness seminars on a variety of relevant topics
  • Exercise opportunities including walking groups, chair dancing, senior aerobics, balloon toss, and golf, tennis, and bowling on the Nintendo Wii

Specialized Dementia Care

The Terrace is a facility within our facility, a unit specializing in memory care for sufferers of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other memory impairment. The Terrace’s knowledgeable and caring staff receives intensive training specific to caring for individuals with memory impairment and understanding the challenges they face.

The environment of The Terrace is adjusted to best serve residents experiencing impaired memory; it reduces the stress on memories, skills, and abilities which may be fading, allowing residents to experience less frustration and more confidence in performing the activities of daily living.

Support services at The Terrace go beyond Linden Square’s essential service offerings and include:

  • Assisting residents’ use of mental facilities with prompts and cues, physical and visual
  • Encouraging residents to engage in fun physical activity appropriate for their level of fitness
  • Guiding social interactions with members of Linden Square staff, other residents, and visiting family and friends
  • Supporting residents in performing daily tasks autonomously
  • Planning care around the individual with an aim to best serve his or her needs, not around lost memory or skills or around a particular disease or affliction
  • Assisting residents with grooming, dressing, bathing, and other personal care needs
  • Assisting residents at meals
  • Assisting residents with toileting and managing incontinence
  • Supporting family members caring for residents with memory impairment
  • Providing activities that are enjoyable for residents and promote self-esteem and happiness