A Father’s Day celebration is an excellent way for multiple generations to come together and honor members of the family. Some advanced planning can make the day go smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys the event.

How to Plan an Inter-Generational Father’s Day

  1. Choose a comfortable location.

Whether the celebration takes place in a loved one’s home, a local park, or a restaurant, make sure you consider the needs of every guest.

  • If your loved one uses a wheelchair or walker, make sure the location is at ground level and not too far from transportation.
  • There should be plenty of seating, not just for eating but for family members to relax and chat.
  • Make sure there are close, easily accessible restrooms.
  • If the celebration is outdoors, provide adequate shade and cooling options.
  • Make sure all children can be kept safe and supervised.
  • If your location is mainly outdoors, plan for a second location in case of rain.
  1. Provide appropriate refreshments.

A little forethought will ensure everyone enjoys the food.

  • Check for any dietary needs before choosing the party treats.
  • Consider making it a potluck so one person isn’t responsible for all the food.
  • Hydration is important, so provide plenty of drinks within easy reach. Avoid serving only sugary or alcoholic drinks since they can contribute to dehydration. Include pitchers of water on tables.
  • Limit the salt content of any sauces and marinades you use for barbecues.
  1. Encourage fun activities.

It’s not always easy for several generations to interact, but a few fun activities can make things easier and more enjoyable.

  • Set up a craft table for kids and adults to use together, or provide building kits like sailboats or bird houses.
  • Play simple group games like charades or balloon volleyball. Consider asking guests to bring a favorite board game.
  • If any of your guests are musical, invite them to bring their instrument to perform a song.
  • Depending on your budget, you might hire entertainers like a magician, band, or kid-friendly comedian.
  1. Recognize the fathers.

Since the event is for Father’s Day, make sure the fathers in attendance feel appreciated.

  • Encourage everyone to exchange family stories.
  • Have each guest bring a favorite memory or photo of their dad. This can be done in writing or made into a video. Feel free to get creative.
  • Gifts are not always necessary but can be appreciated. One option is to make a donation in a recipient’s name.
  • Give out a certificate, trophy, or other “award” to each father for the things they’ve done over the years. You could make the entire gathering a “Father of the Generation” award ceremony with award presenters and “A Look Back” presentations.

An inter-generational Father’s Day gathering doesn’t have to be complicated. For many fathers, simply enjoying the day with loved ones is enough to make it special.

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