The Heritage Difference

Experience the heritage difference at any of our senior independent or assisted living communities.
We know that not all senior communities are created equal. So what makes Heritage Senior Communities stand out?  We call it the Heritage Difference, and it’s defined by seven services we provide that make us stand out from other senior communities:
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Heritage Hospitality

We know that good food is one of the greatest comforts of home. That’s why we believe in providing high quality dining options to all of our residents, because what is life without great food?

All of the Heritage Senior Communities feature our unique Heritage Hospitality policy, a program dedicated to offering varied, delicious dining choices for all of our residents. Every meal is served in our formal dining room, dished up hot and fresh just for you!

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When More Care is Needed

It is our utmost priority that each of our residents has care that meets all of their needs, and we understand that in elder care, there are instances when a person may begin to need more care than our staff can provide. In the event that this becomes an issue for a resident, our Resident Services Coordinator will immediately assess the situation, determine what additional needs the resident has, and then arrange a meeting with the resident and their family or authorized representative. At that point, we will discuss practical next steps that are in the best interest of the resident. If the resident wishes to remain in our care, we will do everything we can to explore the possibility of finding the additional support services that could make that wish a reality.

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Unparalleled Staff Training

At Heritage Senior Communities, we know our service is only as good as our staff, which is why we take great measures to ensure that the staff employed at all of our homes are qualified to perform the duties and responsibilities required of their position. Through training and experience, prior education, orientation, and on-going training and staff development opportunities, our employees have the knowledge they need to provide the highest level of care.

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On-Site Therapy

At Heritage Senior Communities, we recognize the overwhelming benefits of therapy, and have partnered with several reputable therapy companies in each of our assisted living homes to provide on-site therapy. Therapy is one of the best, most gentle ways to increase mobility and functionality, with a multitude of personal benefits that all help you and your loved one get back to living a life that’s more independent.

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State Licensed Home for the Aged

Every single one of the Heritage assisted living homes is licensed by the State of Michigan as a “Home for the Aged.” To comply with state standards, we are relicensed every year after a thorough inspection. We welcome yearly inspections because we take pride in our high quality services, and we’ve made our state audits public so that you can read them for yourself. Check them out on the Department of Human Services Website today.

It’s good to note that most long-term care insurance policies require services be provided in a licensed setting. You’ll see that our current licenses are always posted in the lobby of each home, along with a copy of the latest inspection report.

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Regular Personal Needs Assessment

As we’ve mentioned before, no one’s needs remain the same over time. We understand that you or your loved one’s needs for care will change as one continues to live with us, and we perform regular personal needs assessments to ensure that we’re always meeting those needs. Personal needs assessments will be performed before moving into the assisted living center to see what the resident needs or wants in terms of care from us.

Following the initial assessment, our staff will meet with the resident and their authorized representative to develop an individualized service plan based on the results of the assessment. And because it’s your life and care, not ours, we make a point to schedule a meeting after every single subsequent personal assessment as well. We understand that you lead a busy life, and we regularly make telephone conferences in the event that a face-to-face meeting is impossible.

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Unique Wellness Model

Our living centers focus on more than just keeping our residents healthy. It’s important to us that each of our residents is well socially, physically, and mentally, because we believe in offering a home, not just a place for care. Our Wellness Model encourages our residents’ independence and involvement in the development and implementation of their own care. Our service plans focus on meeting both the health care needs of our residents, as well as maintaining their personal well-being.

Residents are encouraged to participate, to the extent possible, in all of their daily living activities, and are empowered to make choices about how they will live their own life. We are not a senior community facility that aims to dictate the choices of each of our residents’ lives. Instead, we believe in having residents make their own choices.

Experience the Heritage Difference for yourself by visiting one of our communities!