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5 Stress Remedies for Caregivers

Anyone who has ever been a caregiver knows that it is a stressful job. Women who are caregivers are especially likely to experience stress. Symptoms of stress include mood swings, social withdrawal, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. And...

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5 Lifestyle Changes that Can Lower Your Risk for Cancer

Many people resolve to live healthier lives in January, but February is another good time to consider healthy lifestyle changes. That’s because it’s National Cancer Prevention Month. What are 5 lifestyle changes that may help lower your risk of...

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Tips for Dining Out When a Loved One has Dementia

Seniors with dementia can benefit from occasional social outings, including dining out at a local restaurant. The right preparation will help you and your loved one have an enjoyable experience.   Dining Out With a Senior Who Has Dementia  Give...

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How Michigan Seniors Can Stay Active This Winter

Physical activity has been shown to improve health, memory, sleep, and the overall quality of life for seniors. It might be a bit more challenging to stay active this winter in Michigan and require seniors and family caregivers to take a few extra...

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It’s Never Too Late to Quit Smoking

While it can be difficult to quit smoking at any age, it can be much tougher for older adults addicted to nicotine. The added difficulty often comes from the mistaken belief that it's too late to benefit from giving up smoking. Older adults who continue to...

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Can Brain Games and Apps Really Help Prevent Alzheimer’s?

If you’ve watched a senior family member struggle with the debilitating impact of Alzheimer’s, it has probably crossed your mind that you could be at risk for the disease. Because researchers haven’t figured out what causes Alzheimer’s, knowing what steps...

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Is Your Senior Loved One Ready for Michigan Winter Storms?

Michigan winters are particularly challenging for seniors and caregivers. Cold, snowy months increase the risks of falls, fires, and isolation. Caregivers can take the following steps to help older adults prepare for winter storms. Helping a Senior Prepare...

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Holiday Fire Dangers and Seniors in Michigan

Dear Donna, I have a great-aunt who really loves to decorate her house during the holidays. Before having everyone over on Christmas Eve, she spends hours decorating. Lately, I’ve heard that seniors are more likely to experience holiday house fires than...

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Dear Donna: How Can I Help Prevent the “Winter Blues”?

Dear Donna: My mom has always looked forward to the holiday season, but this year, she doesn’t seem to have her usual enthusiasm.  She is sleeping more and is less interested in her favorite holiday activities. What can I do to help her prevent the winter...

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How to Prevent a Senior From Getting the Holiday Blues

Dear Donna, With the holiday season quickly approaching, I have what some people might think is a strange question. Last year, around mid-December, I noticed that my Mom seemed to be feeling down a lot. She’s 80, and I’m wondering if she was...

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