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Emergency Room Safety Tips for a Senior With Alzheimer’s

An emergency room visit can be stressful for anyone, but especially for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Research even shows that hospital stays can be hazardous for adults with dementia. Caregivers can make the experience...

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How to Keep a Senior Gardener Safe This Summer

Dear Donna: My mom has always loved to garden, but she is now struggling with mobility issues. She also takes a few different medications that make her more susceptible to dehydration and heat. What can we do to help her keep enjoying her favorite activity...

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Planning an Inter-Generational Father’s Day Celebration

A Father’s Day celebration is an excellent way for multiple generations to come together and honor members of the family. Some advanced planning can make the day go smoothly and ensure that everyone enjoys the event. How to Plan an Inter-Generational...

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How to Prepare a Senior’s Home to Sell

Dear Donna: Our mom has finally agreed to move to sell her house and move to a senior living community. While we are thinking of having her move first and then worry about selling her home, we aren’t sure if that is the best approach. Do you have any...

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5 Things to Look for on an Assisted Tour

Dear Donna, My mom has been living on her own for several years now. She recently gave up driving and now relies on my husband and me for transportation. Because our lives are already pretty hectic, she’s more isolated than I’d like for her to be. We...

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5 Statistics About Men and Dementia

Age-related dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease, consists of a group of symptoms related to memory and thought. Common symptoms include difficulty with short-term memory, mood changes, aggression, and confusion. While both men and women...

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5 Ways to Stay Active After a Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Dear Donna, Our mom was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Her physician says that exercise is essential to help her preserve her independence longer. Do you have any suggestions on how can we help her increase her level of daily...

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How to Avoid Weight Loss While Caregiving

Weight loss may be a goal for many Americans in the new year, but there are right and wrong ways to achieve it. Stress, poor nutrition, and tight schedules can contribute to unhealthy weight loss among caregivers. As a caregiver, it is...

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