Respite Care

Providing extra support and care for those in rehabilitation or seniors at home.

Short-Term Stays

Heritage Senior Communities offer short-term or respite care for individuals in need of it. If you need extra support after a hospital stay before returning home or if you just need a short break from caring for a loved one, respite care is available.

Our short-term residents enjoy all the benefits and services as full-time members of our communities, which include:

  • A spacious, private studio apartment with comfortable furnishings
  • Three home-cooked, healthy meals daily, and snacks available on-demand
  • Various scheduled activities, trips, and events
  • As-needed medication assistance

Respite care is available at all of our assisted living centers, everyday. A short-term stay with us is for the length of time that your specific situation requires. Some residents come to us for a few months; some just stay for a week.

If you’re considering assisted living, a short-term stay is a great way to try-before-you-buy and determine if assisted living is right for your circumstances.


Adult Day Care

Heritage also offers adult day care services for those caring for a senior adult at home. Day care is available at every one of our assisted living centers, and it is available everyday, at any time. Day care stays can be for just a few hours while the caregiver runs errands or goes to work, or even for a full day or night.

Individuals in our day care program benefit from medication assistance, structured activities, tasty snacks and meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and quiet space as needed.

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Specialized Dementia Care

Find a Heritage Senior Community Near You

Find a Heritage Senior Community Near You

Respite Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I keep hearing about respite care, but I'm not sure what it is. Can you fill me in?
Respite care means short-term care, which can range from one day to a few months. It generally provides a rest break for caregivers or a time of recovery for the resident.
How does respite care work?

Depending on room availability, respite stay is an option almost any time. You simply contact the assisted living center of your choice and let us know when you want to come and how long you plan to stay. You might just come for one night or stay for up to a few months (After that it may be more economical for you to sign a lease). There is some paperwork required the first time you stay. We update your file every time you stay so we can provide the services you need each time you stay with us.

Ok, but why should I use it?

There are many reasons for choosing respite care including:

  • A family caregiver is not able to provide the care because of a vacation, out of town travel (perhaps for business, a wedding, or a funeral), hospital stay, or other personal reason.
  • You are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery and need a little help to get back on your feet before resuming your independent living.
  • You want to try it before you buy it—sort of a test drive of assisted living before making a long-term commitment.
  • Limited funds prevent long-term residency, but by having short stays, a person is able to continue to live with family caregivers.
I have a friend from church that takes care of her uncle. They don’t have much money and she is going to need to go out of town for a funeral (her aunt is in hospice and is terminal). Can you help?
We have a wonderful program that we call our Respite Ministry. It is available to churches for the exact situation you described! We offer area churches up to four three-day stays for them to distribute to parishioners who care for older family members and may need to get away—either for a funeral, wedding, or just a break. Please contact the administrator of the assisted living center of your choice for specific details and allow us the privilege of helping!