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5 Experience Gifts to Give a Senior This Holiday Season

When people think about gifts, they often think of tangible items and forget about gifts that are experienced. But these types of gifts can be great for seniors for various reasons. Experience gifts are often more thoughtful, they take up less...

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Holiday Shopping for a Family Member With Dementia?

Dear Donna, Ever since my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, I find it impossible to shop for her. Nothing I give her ever seems to make it out of its original packaging. Do you have any advice on how to find a gift for a family member...

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Dear Donna: What Does a Senior Move Manager Do?

Dear Donna, My parents recently decided to move to a senior living community, and they asked me to assist them with the transition. I'd love to help them as much as possible, but I have no idea where to start. A friend of mine told me I should...

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4 Ways to Beat Caregiver Stress During the Holidays

Caregivers already have a lot on their plate. The emotional and physical toll of caregiving can be sizable, especially if a senior loved one has dementia. This makes them extra vulnerable to stress when the busy holiday season rolls around. If it's not managed...

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Is Alzheimer’s Disease Hereditary?

Dear Donna, I am the primary caregiver for my mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease. As her disease progresses, I can’t help but worry that I am eventually going to get it.   Is Alzheimer’s disease hereditary? Is there a test I can take to find...

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Planning Holiday Travel With a Senior Loved One?

Planning a trip with a senior loved one can be challenging. You want them to enjoy their experience and feel included. At same time, you want them to be safe. While planning holiday travel, you may find yourself asking… Will it be fun for the...

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