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4 Foods That Help Fight Caregiver Fatigue

Caregiving comes with a never-ending list of responsibilities. The mental exertion required often leaves caregivers stressed out and exhausted before the day has even started. This is so common that it has a name: caregiver fatigue. One way...

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What Causes Wandering in Adults with Alzheimer’s?

Wandering is a common behavior among people with Alzheimer’s disease. An estimated 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander. This behavior is dangerous regardless of what stage of the disease they are in. The longer they are missing, the...

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6 Ways Walking Leads to Healthier Aging

Age-related changes can make it difficult for seniors to exercise regularly. Reduced mobility, a fear of injury, and a lack of confidence can make exercise unappealing. There is one form of exercise that is suitable for most seniors: walking....

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5 Experience Gifts to Give a Senior This Holiday Season

When people think about gifts, they often think of tangible items and forget about gifts that are experienced. But these types of gifts can be great for seniors for various reasons. Experience gifts are often more thoughtful, they take up less...

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Holiday Shopping for a Family Member With Dementia?

Dear Donna, Ever since my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, I find it impossible to shop for her. Nothing I give her ever seems to make it out of its original packaging. Do you have any advice on how to find a gift for a family member...

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