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Monthly Updates

For more precise scheduled events, activities, and outings, make sure to check our regularly updated event calendar, and monthly newsletter featured below!

The Village at Rosy Mound

Social Events & Outings

At the Village at Rosy Mound, residents are free to be as busy as they want to be. As a resident with us in Grand Haven, you’ll have access to any and all of the onsite and offsite activities planned regularly. There are very few days that pass here without something going on, so you’re sure to find some sort of excursion or regular activity that suits you best. Each month, our staff creates a new schedule of activities, and we always take resident requests and recommendations into account. So, whether you’re an avid reader, or you want to check out some of the amazing lunch spots around Grand Haven, we’ve got activities you’re sure to enjoy.

For more specific information on what’s happening at the Village at Rosy Mound this month, be sure to read our newsletter and check out this month’s schedule of activities. Updated regularly, these schedules will help give you a better idea of what life is like at the Village at Rosy Mound.

On-Site Activities

There are a variety of activities going on at the Village at Rosy Mound every day. We aim to schedule activities that our residents genuinely want to participate in, because we believe that an independent senior living community should be more than just a housing option. Our on-site activities are a great way to meet your neighbors, and connect with residents who have similar interests. Some of our most popular on-site activities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Book clubs
  • Holiday parties and dinners
  • Educational programs
  • Coffee clubs
  • Quilting groups
  • Arts and crafts classes
  • Current event discussion groups
  • Musical entertainment and programs
  • Volunteer opportunities to be busy with a purpose
  • Bingo, games, and puzzles

Off-Site Activities

Grand Haven is a beautiful town, and we work to make it as easy as possible to explore the area with our scheduled day trips. Our bus regularly takes residents all over town for excursions a bit more exciting than just the everyday trip to Meijer. Though we schedule new destinations each month based on resident requests, some of our more popular trips include:

  • Trips to the movie theatre
  • Special shopping areas
  • Color tours
  • Community events
  • Breakfast or lunch at local restaurants
  • A number of exciting mystery trips!