The post-holiday blues combined with the cold and snowy Michigan winter can leave caregivers feeling a little down. Exercise is one of the best ways to regain a sense of well-being. Fitness programs like yoga and Pilates can be ideal. They build core strength, while improving balance and flexibility. In addition, the breathing techniques used can help to improve oxygen intake and decrease stress. Both can help to boost your mood. For caregivers, Chair Yoga can be an easy way to get started.

Benefits of Chair Yoga for Caregivers

Chair Yoga is a modified form of yoga that allows participants to work out from a seated position. Caregivers receive the majority of the rewards of yoga while working around any physical limitations they may have.

Some of the benefits of yoga include:

  • Helping with weight control and weight management
  • Decreasing the pain of osteoarthritis by building muscle strength
  • Promoting relaxation which helps to improve heart health
  • Managing depression by improving the stress response and promoting better breathing techniques

Chair Yoga Resources

If you are looking for resources to help you get started, these might help:

  • Get Fit While You Sit: This organization can help you find an instructor in your area. They also have DVDs you can order online.
  • Seated Yoga Sequence: A helpful visual aid you can use to get started, the sequence consists of six yoga poses that can be done from a seated position.
  • Arthritis Foundation Chair Yoga: The Arthritis Foundation also recommends several DVDs on their website. Each of them can be performed while seated in an armless chair.
  • Energizing Chair Yoga: YouTube also has a variety of free videos you can watch to learn how to practice chair yoga. This is one that earns high marks from viewers.

As a reminder, be sure to check with your family physician before beginning any new form of exercise.


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