Dear Donna:

I’m planning a summer gathering for several generations of our family at our Michigan home. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t spent time together in over a year. While things are improving, we are still being cautious. I thought it might be best to spend the bulk of our time outdoors.

I’m struggling to come up with intergenerational activities everyone can enjoy together outside. Because of your experience with seniors, I thought I would see if you had any suggestions.


Bonnie in West Branch, MI

Intergenerational Summer Activities

Dear Bonnie:

That sounds like a fun, safe approach to getting your family together this summer! I’ve talked with so many families who are excited to reunite after the long separation.

I do have a few suggestions to help you plan your family reunion including some fun outdoor activities for the grandkids:

  • Croquet or bocce ball: Depending upon how much space you have, it might be fun to have a croquet or bocce ball tournament. You can split families up into teams and host a single elimination contest. Check with your local thrift store or online garage sale site if you don’t have either game.
  • Outdoor movie night: The price of movie projectors has fallen so dramatically that it is more affordable than ever to host your own backyard movie night. These reviews will help you find a highly rated projector. Depending upon ages of loved ones, you can show a Disney movie or stream the latest thriller on Netflix. Don’t forget to pop some corn and pick up candy and drinks.
  • Backyard games: Old-fashioned, interactive games are another avenue to consider. They might be especially fun for the older generation. Potato sack races, an egg and spoon relay race, and ring toss are a few your family might enjoy. They are easy and inexpensive to incorporate.
  • Scavenger hunt: Another fun way to spend a few hours is by having a family scavenger hunt. It can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. Goose Chase and Verywell Family both have great resources for planning a unique scavenger hunt. Add to the excitement with prizes for the winning team!

I hope these outdoor activities with the grandkids help jump-start your planning and that your entire family enjoys the time together!

Kind regards,


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