For readers of our blog that are family caregivers, we have an idea for 2014 we would like to share with you. We know that your role as caregiver for someone you love creates considerable stress for you every day. The job is physically exhausting and emotionally challenging. As we head in to a New Year instead of making New Year’s resolutions you probably won’t have time to keep, consider adopting one little word.

The One Little Word Project was created seven years ago by author Ali Edwards.  Edwards felt that by adopting one simple word for the year, she would be able to keep her life centered. Her word would give her focus as she went about her daily life. Her project has taken on a life of its own and been widely adopted by individuals ranging from physicians and nurses to emergency services workers.

In lieu of a making a list of resolutions this New Year’s Eve, pick one word that summarizes your goal for 2014. Own that word throughout all of the year. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your caregiver duties or sad about the change in health you see in your loved one, focus on your word.

How can you get started?

Think about what you hope for in 2014.

  • Are you trying to be grateful for each day you have with an elderly loved one and live in the moment? Maybe your word could be PURPOSEFUL.
  • Struggling to convince yourself that good enough will do as you juggle all of your roles in life? Try adopting ACCEPTANCE as your word in 2014.
  • Trying to let go of worrying too much about things you can’t control? Make your word BELIEVE.

Get the idea? Think about your struggles and your hopes and pick a word. If you keep this up year after year, your word may begin to find you.

We’d love to hear from some of you who adopt a word! Please share your journey with us next year…