Retirement is something most people plan for and look forward to over many years. Finally having the time and flexibility to travel, reconnect with old friends, pursue new passions, and spend time spoiling the grandkids are just a few perks of retiring. Sometimes, however, the burdens of home ownership can stand in the way of making the most of these years.

Maintaining a private residence can be expensive. And it’s often an expense that no longer makes financial sense. If your home has more space than you need, it’s more than just a physical burden. The extra cost of property taxes, utilities, and homeowner’s insurance are a financial burden.

This is when it might be good to consider a move to an independent living community.

What Is an Independent Living Community?

Independent living communities are a senior housing option designed with the active senior in mind. Older adults who choose to move to independent living are typically looking for a lifestyle free from the worries of home maintenance and repairs. Most are seeking a retirement housing solution that allows more time to focus on the social side of life.

Independent living communities come in several forms:

  • Apartments in a dedicated independent living community
  • Apartments on the campus of a larger continuing care community
  • Maintenance-free villas or small cottages that are part of a retirement community

What advantages do independent living communities offer residents? Let’s explore a few of the most common ones.

Benefits of Moving to an Independent Living Community

Here are a few benefits older adults cite as their favorite reasons to live in an independent living community:

  • No maintenance or repairs: A move to independent living comes with a maintenance-free lifestyle. No more worries about shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, replacing the windows, or fixing the dishwasher.
  • 24-hour security: Independent living communities provide a safe and secure environment for older adults. From fire suppression systems and an emergency call system to around-the-clock staff, seniors can feel safe living alone.
  • Transportation: Ready to hang up the car keys for good? The transportation services offered by many independent living communities make that easier to do.
  • Dining services: Another benefit of moving to an independent living community is no more cooking! You’ll typically find a variety of menu options and dining programs.
  • Amenities: Depending on the community you choose, you’ll find a host of convenient amenities: housekeeping, laundry, transportation, a beauty/barber shop, outings to popular local destinations, and a wide range of events and activities.
  • Socialization: Independent living communities offer meaningful ways to connect and make new friends. It could be over a cup of coffee in the dining room or during a walk through the campus. Then there are more formal activities, such as an art workshop or fitness class.

Independent Living Communities Offer Peace of Mind

Another advantage you’ll discover by moving to an independent living community is peace of mind. Safety and security are only part of it. There’s also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that staff can usually accommodate future care needs.

For seniors seeking independent living in Michigan or Indiana, we invite you to consider Heritage Senior Communities. Call us today to schedule a private visit!