Dear Donna,

My siblings are visiting from out of town for the holidays. Our parents have both been struggling with health issues, and I think they would benefit from an environment that is a little more supportive.

I want my siblings to help me explore assisted living communities for our parents, but I am unsure about the timing. Are the holidays a good time to tour senior living communities?


Leanne from Saline, MI

Exploring Senior Living Communities during the Holidays

Dear Leanne,

The holidays are a common time for families to realize their aging loved ones need assistance. Family members visiting from out of town will see changes in a senior loved one’s health as more significant than those who see them every day. Visiting senior living communities during the holidays has some benefits.

4 Reasons to Tour Assisted Living Communities during the Holidays

  1. The family is together.

For many, the holiday season is the only time the entire family is together. Family members visiting from out of town can see changes in your loved one’s health for themselves. They can also offer a fresh perspective on what to look for in an assisted living community and help you come up with questions to ask on the assisted living tour.

  1. There are more activities.

Many senior living communities have more family activities during the holidays than at any other time of year. Events are a great chance to meet the residents and their families in a social setting. You can use this opportunity to ask them about their experience with the community.

  1. The mood is festive.

The holidays tend to put people in a good mood, so it’s an excellent time to meet the staff and residents in a community. Your loved one may also be more open-minded about exploring assisted living options. The festive atmosphere is a bonus, as it creates a warm and welcoming environment. Each of these factors can make the tour more enjoyable for seniors and families.

  1. You can beat the rush.

When families decide it’s time to start touring senior living communities, they usually put it off until after the holidays. For this reason, January can be a busy time for the communities. By starting the process during the season, you can beat the rush. Some communities even offer move-in specials. Discounted monthly rent, a free month of rent, or an application fee waiver are common promotions in December. Also, by starting early, your senior loved one may have more choices in terms of living space.

Touring Senior Living Communities

Visiting assisted living communities can be overwhelming. The process requires a lot of thought and careful consideration. By going during the holidays, seniors and their families can have a more enjoyable experience.

I hope this convinces you to tour senior living communities this holiday season!



Heritage Senior Communities

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